The Basic Information of Jing’an County

Jing’an county, with a total area of 1377 square kilometers, is located in northwestern jiangxi province(“Gan” for short), covering 5 towns and 6 townships with a population of 160,000. It is only 37 kilometers away from Nanchang via Nanchang-Tonggu expressway and only 56 kilometers away from Changbei International Airport. It takes only half an hour from Jing’an to the provincial administrative center. Because of its geological location, Jing’an became an indivisible part of the central Yangtze river city cluster, Nanchang metropolitan area and Nanchang-Tonggu high-speed ecological economic zone. In the first half of 2018, the county's GDP reached 1.82 billion yuan, up 9.3% from the year earlier. Its total fiscal revenue reached 585 million yuan, up 12.6% and fixed-asset investment increased 11.6%. Jing’an is the first national ecological county in Jiangxi, the national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration county, the national ecological civilization demonstration project pioneer, the national pioneer for innovating river-lake management and protection system and mechanism, the pioneer for sustainable forest management, the provincial green and low-carbon transformation pioneer, the provincial first pilot county in ecological civilization and one of the top 10 demonstration counties in ecological civilization. Jing’an has been honored as "the hometown of Chinese ponkan (a kind of mandarin orange)" and "the hometown of Chinese giant salamander". Besides, it has been appraised as "the advanced county of scientific development comprehensive evaluation around the province" for five consecutive years. Last year, it won two national honors, namely, one of the first practice and innovation bases for "Beautiful scenery is the gold and silver mines" (only one in Jiangxi province and thirteen in China) and national demonstration county of eco-civilization construction.

Poetry, Jing 'an has a long history of human culture. During the time of Three Kingdoms, Jing’an connected Wu kingdom and Chu kingdom together and enjoyed great advantage in Chinese Feng Shui with Jiuling mountain stretching from north to south and Shuangxi river flowing from west to east. The cultural relics unearthed from the ancient tombs of the Eastern Zhou dynasty rewrite the history of Chinese textiles.The renowned Baofeng Temple, where Matsu Daoyi, the 8th founder of Zen Buddhism, publicized Zen Buddhism is the beginning of “on the tramp” culture. Since the establishment of the county in 937, a number of historical and cultural figures have been born here, including Li Shuzheng, a director of Board of rites in Ming Dynasty, Kuangzhong, an honest and upright officials in ancient china, Shu Menglan, author of Bai Xiang Lyrics. Jing 'an has a profound culture and a long history of poetry. Many cultural celebrities such as Liu Shenxu, Zenggong, Lu Jiuyuan and Wang Yangming all visited jing 'an. Thus Jing’an earned the reputation as "the hometown of Chinese poetry" and "the hometown of painting and calligraphy in Jiangxi".

Tranquility, Jing’an provides peace and stability for its inhabitants. Shuimu tsinghua(a nickname for Jing’an)is a good place for health. According to Guangya, the earliest encyclopedia written during the Three kingdoms in China. "Jing, refers to An ". It means stability and peace, which are also a true portrayal of today’s Jing’an county, in which the masses live and work in peace and contentment. Jing 'an has been awarded the title of "Provincial Peace County" for eight consecutive years and "Provincial Public Satisfaction County" for three consecutive years. In 2016, Jing’an ranked the first in the public security evaluation in Yichun city and the third around the province. And ranked the first in the social evaluation of the construction of a clean government in Yichun city.

Purity, Jing’an enjoys a wonderful natural environment. Jing’an enjoys beautiful scenery and ecological environment with a forest coverage rate as high as 84.1%. The summit of Jiuling mountain, with an elevation of 1794.49 meters above the sea level, is the highest peak in northwestern Jiangxi province. Jing’an is full of tourism resources, namely, Jiuling mountain nature reserve and San ZhaoLun national forest park, a national 4A tourist scenic spots. Jing’an is bestowed with first-class air and water quality. The air in San Zhaolun scenic spot has up to 100 thousand negative oxygen ions per cubic centimetre, which earns a reputation as "natural oxygen bar". The water quality in the border section of the county reaches grade 2, and the water quality in the nature reserve reaches grade 1.JIng’an is rich in animal and plant resources, with 429 species of wild animals and 2,106 species of wild plants,covering more than 50% of the total amount in the province. Thus, Jing’an is known as the "natural gene bank".

Strength, jing 'an reserves great economic power. Relying on its ecological niches, Jing’an attracts more and more the investments. The county has 33 key projects under construction, with a total investment of more than 17 billion yuan. Tourism throughout the region is booming. With focus on the combination of "dynamic and static" projects, the government is striving to make Jing’an a zen meditation holy land and an outdoor sports paradise. Projects such as east Baiyuan eco-health valley and Zhongyuan international skiing rink have been promoted vigorously. In 2016, the county received 6 million tourists, up 31.2 percent from the year earlier.We are striving to upgrade low-carbon industry. Until now, Hongping Pumped Storage Power Plant, a national key project, has officially generated electricity. Two provincial industrial bases, namely, cemented carbide tools and green lighting have become bigger and stronger continuously. And the output of bar products of Jiangying company ranked the third in China while Heli lighting Compan ranked the first in the province in terms of capacity. Chaowei new energy company has been officially listed on "new third board". Besides, Organic agriculture continues to improve. The county has obtained green organic food certification for 27 agricultural products with an area of 43,000 mu. Jing 'an Baicha and jing 'an Ponkan were selected as "national geographic sign protection products" and their planting areas were listed as provincial modern agriculture demonstration areas.

Progress, jing’an strives to be a better county. Currently, under the correct leadership of the provinces and Yichun city, Jing 'an government will unswervingly follow the win-win road of ecological protection and economic development, fully implement the "six-point" working principles of "taking river as the preciousness, tree as the prideness, tourism as the priority, gain as the foundation, city as the beauty, and frugality as the treasure", and take "shuimu tsinghua, Jing 'an with Zen culture" as image orientation, and follow development principles of “caring for green industry, leading in Changtong economic belt, integrating into provincial capital and building a harmonious Jing’an” to accelerate the establishment of national 5A tourist attractions and strive to build a new city of ecological industry and trade, firmly push forward the construction of Nanchang-Tonggu high-speed ecological economic belt, and strive to make Jing’an an ecological civilization demonstration zone and a beautiful China model county. We will work hard to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects.