Tourism in Jing'an

Jing 'an, the first national Eco-county in Jiangxi province, is located 37km from Nanchang, 39km from Nanchang West High-speed Railway Station and 56km from Changbei International Airport. It is a beautiful resort that out of the way but not far away, it can be bustling and quiet. Zeng gong, a famous poet in North Song dynasty, once praised it as "the best attraction among a thousand counties that I have visited". The whole county is full of tourist attractions. Thus it is a big tourist county and a key tourism cluster development county in Jiangxi province.

Jing 'an enjoys first-class ecological environment. The forest coverage rate in Jing 'an is as high as 84.1% (up to 95.7% in the San zhaolun scenery area), ranking among the top in the country. Thus it is known as "green treasury". Fresh, pure and pollution-free, the air there has up to 109.14 thousand negative oxygen ions per cubic centimetre, which is rarely seen around the country and good for human health. That is why Jing 'an is also known as "natural oxygen bar". With an annual average temperature of 13.7℃-17.5℃ and 27.5℃ in summer, Jing 'an enjoys a comfortable climate not second to any other famous holiday resort around the country. It is famous as a tourist destination.

Jing 'an enjoys profound culture in many respects. Baofeng Temple, an ancient temple built more than 1000 years ago, is the place where master Yicheng, the Former President of the Chinese Buddhist association (now Honorary President), is the abbot, is also the temple that preserves the Sarira of Matsu Daoyi, the 8th founder of Zen Buddhism. Jing 'an is the place where Kuangzhong, one of the three most imperishable honest and upright officials in ancient china, was born and brought up. Besides, The Easthern zhou Dynasty Ancient Tomb, one of the top 10 archaeological discoveries in China in 2007, demonstrates that Jing 'an has been inhabited more than 2500 years ago. There are full of historical sites such as the former site of the Soviet government in Libi Mountain, the ancient houses of Ming and Qing dynasties, the ancient flower bridge of the Qing dynasty and the Memorial Hall of Kuangzhong.

Jing 'an has many tourist attractions. There are two national 4A scenery spots, namely, the San Zhaolun national forest park and the Dream city in central China. The former is one of the 20 national model forest parks around the country and the only one in Jiangxi. Jing 'an boasts excellent ecology and rich tourism resources. There are 93 national scenery spots with mountains and lakes where cultural and natural resources complement each other and dynamic entertainment and static leisure combines subtly. Until now, more than 10 natural landscapes have been developed, such as Guanyin Rock Canyon, Baishui Cave Scenery spot, the Fairy Valley, Tianya Mountain, Luojiaping Virgin Forest and Flower Park in the north bank of Liao River, etc. More than 10 cultural landscapes were open for the public, including Baofeng Temple, The Easthern zhou Dynasty Ancient Tomb Museum, Memorial Hall for Kuangzhong, Ecological Garden of Giant salamander and Underground Power Plant for War Preparedness, etc. Besides, there are many entertainments. you can play in the Dream city in Central China, go surfing in the Fairy Valley or drifting on the Kingluo Bay Water Reservoir, play battlefront games in the jungle, do grass skiing or water skiing in mountains with high altitude, play in the Water Park, play Zorbing balls, take part in outward-bound training or camp-fire party, etc. Jiuling Forest hot spring is a combination of health and ecological beauty to the extreme. What’s more, rural tourism has been a new favorite for city visitors. They can see traditional lanterns or make and eat traditional snacks as preserved fruits, yellow sticky cake and cakes with herbs or even experience stilts in Zhongyuan town, Xitou village, Gulan village or even Blue peacock Manor, where they can fully experience rural life through fresh vegetables from the land and live poultry or by working with farmers.

Tourism Attractions

1.Cultural landscapes:

1.1Baofeng Temple

Baofeng Temple is an ancient temple located at the foot of Baozhu peak in Baofeng town,Jing 'an county of Jiangxi Province. It was built in the Tianbao years of the Tang dynasty (749 AD). Thus enjoyed a long history of more than 1200 years. As the temple that preserves the Sarira of Matsu Daoyi, the 8th founder of Zen Buddhism, whose meditation thought made Zen Buddhism widely spread and benefited many people, it is famous for its profound Zen culture.The former president of the Chinese Buddhist Association, master YiCheng, was once the abbot of the Baofeng Temple. It is also home to the Jiangxi Academy of Buddhist Studies, the Buddhist culture center of in Jiangxi Province and the national model temple of Zen Buddhidsm. With over 700 acres of land and spectacular architecture, it is one of the Four major temples in the south of the Yangtze River. “Baofeng Lectures”, monthly large-scale lectures held by the temple, given by famous scholars from top universities and research institutions at home and abroad, have become famous public welfare lectures around the country.

1.2The Easthern Zhou Dynasty Ancient Tomb Museum

The discovery of Easthern zhou Dynasty ancient tomb is one of the top 10 archaeological discoveries in China in 2007. The tomb can date back to Over 2,500 years ago, in which 47 coffins were buried in one grave. Among all the tombs in this type discovered so far, it is the earliest one with the largest number of burial caskets and in the most peculiar structure. Its peculiar burial method and custom were first seen in China. The bones are well preserved, which is very rare in the southern acidic soil environment. Thus provide important yardstick to study physical anthropology in ancient south of China and enjoy very important values to study ancient Yue culture. Nearly a thousand pieces of cultural relics were unearthed from the tomb, among them, textiles are enough to change the history of Chinese textiles.

1.3Memorial Hall For Kuangzhong

Kuangzhong, one of the three most imperishable honest and upright officials in ancient china(another two are Baozhen and Hairui), was highly praised by Premier Zhou Enlai. Kuangzhong was born in Xitou village, Gaohu town of Jing 'an county, he once has been the Prefect of Suzhou. The exhibits in the Memorial Hall fully and vividly demonstrate his marvellous life.

Address: in the Kuangzhong Garden opposite to the Tsinghua Square.

2.Natural Landscapes

2.1Guanyin Rock

Guanyin Rock is a fine scenic spot of San zhaolun National demonstration Forest Park and a national 4A tourist attraction. It covers an area of 12 square kilometers with 10 kilometers of uninhabited virgin forest. It is a forest oxygen bar, a natural gene pool, an education base of ecological science popularization, the creek and waterfall wonderland and a land of happiness blessed by the Goddess of Mercy. There are many beautiful attractions as giant Guanyin rock, Jianmen Peak and more than 100 waterfalls as fairy bath waterfall, fairy basin waterfall, checkerboard waterfall, etc.. With a high forest coverage rate of 95.7%, the air there has up to 109.14million negative oxygen ions per cubic centimetre. The park is rich in animal and plant resources. It has naturally sterile areas and a water quality standard higher than that of the state, with all kinds of environmental indexes are perfect.You can watch the waterfalls along the stream, or explore through the high glass walkway, or just sit quietly and drink tea, you can also read and learn from the ecological book or worship the Goddess of Mercy and draw a fortune-telling stick.

2.2Baishui Cave

A national 4A scenic spot including the Libi mountain in which located the former site of the Soviet government.There are many outdoor activities, such as red tourism, forest crossing, outward-bound training and river trekking. The scenic area is densely forested with crowds of macaques. There are more than 60 attractions as Double python playing with the turtle, a thousand-year tree with double trunk, Baishui Cave waterfall, crocodile rock, immortal cliff and a thousand greeting pines.

2.3Tianya Mountain

the mountain is Located in Luo Jiaping scenic area, which is characterized by grotesque peaks, high cliffs, strange stones and dense clouds. There are 10 strange natural landscapes as dragon head cliff, greeting pine, fairy cave, turtle hump, toad rock, nirvana tower, Jigong fossil, Buddha palm, five fingers gorge cave and sun-watching cliff. There are also "four unique" scenery as strange pine, bizarre stones, sea of clouds and sunrise as well as lively and lovely birds. When Climbing to the summit, you can overlook Guanyin Rock, Baishui Cave, Panlong Lake and Hongping Water Reservoir scenery. The road winding around the mountain is like a flowing ribbon and a dancing silver snake. You can have a panoramic view of San Zhaolun scenic area when you get to the summit, and truly experience the heroic feelings and magnificent momentum as “only when you stand at the top of the highest mountain, you can say others are small”.

2.4Baiya Mountain

From mid-April to mid-May every year, "to live in the cloud and visit the flower sea" has become a great event for outdoor travel lovers in and out of the province. In Baiya Mountain, there are more than 10,000 Mu of alpine azaleas in blossom, 100,000 acres of alpine meadows and more than 10 kilometers of strange stone ridges. The laughter of tourists and the click of cameras are everywhere in the clouds, in the mist, in the flowers and in the snow.

2.5Alpine Meadows in the Summit of Jiuling Mountain

it is the highest peak in Northwestern Jiangxi with 1794 meters above sea level. There are more than 100,000 Mu of alpine meadows. Thus, it becomes the heaven for outdoor sport lovers.

2.6Terraced Fields in Xiling town

To see Terraced Fields and set up tents in the fields, just like sleeping in the clouds, you can count and pick stars or chat with friends. Or stay at a farmer’s home and talk with him about autumn harvest or daily life, the next morning you can also work on the land with the farmer, or go up the hill to gather fruit, go into the garden to pick vegetables and go down the river to catch fish.That would be a good weekend.

2.7The Flower Sea in Four seasons

Jing 'an becomes a sea of flowers all year round. When spring breeze blows, thousands of pear, peach and apricot trees burst into bloom. What’s more, 10,000 Mu of rape flower and 10,000 Mu of Astragalus sinicus and 50 kilometers of Alpine azalea are attracting thousands of visitors.

3.Entertainment Landscapes

3.1Tiger-roaring Gorge scenic spot

it is one of the core scenic spots of San Zhaolun national demonstration forest park. It covers an area of about 8000㎡with overlapping peaks, ancient towering trees, steep gorge and strange stones. There are also other special leisure tourism projects and attractions as famous “eight scenery in Tiger-roaring Gorge”, high mountain canyon river drifting, riverside walkway, 100-meter rainbow drop fall, Phoebe Zhennan forest skywalk, forest baths, giant salamander base and the first forest sight-seeing mini train over elevated railway in the world. Tiger-roaring Gorge scenic spot embodies the county’s hope to be the leader of drifting tourism.

3.2The Dream City in Central China

It is the “Disney land” just in front of home. It also a national 4A tourist attraction with more than 30 items as mining cars, the snow world and 5D cinema, etc.. It will make you happy all the day.

3.3Xianghu Bay

In Xianghu Bay, tourists can have self-service barbecue, play interactive games, do Mazi and watch performances. There is the only parent-child amusement park in Jing 'an with more than 20 parent-child projects both in the sky and on the ground, where children can experience courage, strength, cheerfulness and teamwork at the same time. There are also big water parks, surf pools, big slides and drifting boats, etc..

3.4Surfing and Drifting in Fairy Valley

Tourist are drifting all the way in the green tunnels of the primitive forest, without being exposed to the sun. With large water- head and no need to pull oar, the thrilling and exciting surfing and drifting are deeply loved by tourists, especially the female tourists. By the way, the boss will be in charge if you are tanned by the sunshine!

3.5Kingluo Bay Drifting

Vast and green virgin forest is distributed along both sides of the river, the river is wide and water is clear, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while chasing each other with your friends.

4.Hot Spring Landscapes:

4.1Forest Hot Spring in Jiuling Mountain

The hot spring in Jiuling Mountain has a history of Over 8,200 years and is rich in minerals such as metasilicic acid, selenium and radon, which are particularly good for cosmetic results. All the bathing pool are built in the forest, surrounding by flowers all year round. Hot spring bath in Jiuling mountain is good for eyes, mind and body.

4.2Hot spring in Yuqaun Canyon

Hot spring in Yuqaun Canyon is located in the deep mountains with a very quiet environment. It is also the top hot spring with the most spa-like atmosphere in east China.You would want to stay here forever.