Sports in Jing'an

In recent years, with the support of associations and solidarity of the whole county, the sports in Jing 'an has achieved the expected effects and has been highly evaluated by leaders at all levels and fully appreciated by the county government. From sport policies, organization network and guide to games, associations intensify efforts to serve the people and promote activities. Through constant exploration,awards of sport are rising year by year. Many sportsmen are going out of the Jing’an and become famous both at home and abroad.

1.In accordance with people’s expectations, the government give priority to construct rural sports infrastructure

The Yichun government has deployed the strategy of “building the golden project of Nanchang-Tonggu high-speed ecological economic belt”. Besides, Jing 'an county has established the Green Cycling and Happy Football as two major brands of sport, which are included in the construction of key livelihood projects of the whole county and the grand development plan of accelerating the tourism of the whole region. After years of efforts, we have completed 110 sport culture squares covering all over the county with full fitness facilities, 25 kilometers of ecological cycling road, 9 standard football fields and more than 150 sports stadiums(halls). Until now, the per ca pita area of fitness places of Jing 'an people has increased from 0.5㎡ in the past to 1.6㎡, basically met people’s sport demand.

2.In accordance with people’s requirement, the government support associations and build public sports network

We learned from years of exploration and experience of grassroots sports work that only if people’s enthusiasm to participate in sports has been activated and the mass sports association and guidance stations of the whole county have been well established, can we manipulate the main work of group work and open a new look of urban and rural groups.Up to now, we have established 18 associations and 93 public fitness guide sites, covering all villages and towns around the county.We have trained and cultivated more than 240 social athletes. And a group of social athletes have grown up after Xiongjian participated as candidates in the selection of the country's most beautiful sports people organized by the state general administration of sport. We will strengthen evaluation of sport associations and squeeze some money from limited financial resources each year to assist the associations, so as to promote mass sport toward a higher level.

3.In accordance with people’s demand, the government are promoting sports with the incentive of competition

The government continues to promote Happy Football and Green cycling at a high starting point. With the help of the government, the association took charge and organized the first "Ecological Jing 'an & Happy Football" football league of Jing 'an county in 2017. With the opening of the ninth "Jing 'an Rural Commercial Bank &New Year Cup" football match in jiangxi province in 2017, the government has signed with the provincial football association an agreement to hold the provincial "New Year Cup" football match in Jing 'an for three consecutive years. We have contacted with the Provincial Committee of the International Cycle Race around Poyang Lake for the preparation of this year's competition, which is the eighth round held in Jing 'an. In order to strengthen the construction of rural mass sports brands and the characteristics of local sports events, the government have launched "one township, one brand" group brand building activity, and mainly initiated such projects as forest drifting, red mud sports meeting, home-stay culture festival sports meeting and outdoor hiking, etc.,so as to accelerate the integrated development of sports and tourism and to build a larger sports industry. We will focus on promoting Tai Chi, Health Qigong and Square Dancing to go out of Jing 'an and into a bigger world. Over the past three years, with Tai Chi as the forerunner, many Jing 'an athletes have appeared on the arena both in Yichun city and Jiangxi province,and won more than 200 medals with up to 31gold medals, which not only laid a good foundation for sports in Jing 'an, but also earned reputation and charm for Jing 'an.